Transparency – You Can See Right Through It

Sunday Feb 17th, 2019


The weather and real estate. The two most talked about points of interest today between neighbours, friends and just about anyone who ventures outside from time to time. There may not much we can do about the weather (at least that most of us are aware of) but real estate is something that changes as fast as, well, the weather! Ironically. Currently, an offer made on a home along with conditions of that offer (financing, home inspection etc.) remain confidential between the client and the... [read more]

Education In-Class and In-Life

Friday Feb 01st, 2019

Orea Path of Learning

I have finished the formal in-class education required to become an agent. Although my license has been active since May last year, this finalizes it. The current requirements are that you complete a certain number of course, sign up with a brokerage and then you can start trading. You do however have to finish the “articling” segment of the program and they allow up to 2 years getting that final piece done. I just wanted to get that off my plate as soon as I could. It has been a... [read more]

The Walls Have Ears... and Maybe Eyes

Thursday Jan 17th, 2019

A camera is watching

Have you ever had that feeling where you feel like someone is watching you? Or that someone is lurking around the corner and eavesdropping on your conversation? It’s a bit creepy but in this day and age, it probably happens much more than what we realize. People are particular and guarded when it comes to their abode. Technology has changed our lives including how we manage our homes. Electronics, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and portable devices have opened up new possibilities and challenges... [read more]

Split Level Homes - Hooray!

Thursday Jan 03rd, 2019

New Listing 12 Simon Loretto

Split-Level Homes There are many styles of homes available to choose from for today’s buyers. Where does one start when searching for that perfect new abode? Single-family homes come in 2-story, bungalow, bungaloft, ranch, several varieties of split-level homes as well as many variations of these descriptions. In the 1950’s (post war) and growing right through the 60’s and 70’s, split-level homes gained in popularity. In recent years, these models are on big... [read more]

Road map to Realty

Thursday Dec 20th, 2018

Road Map Realty

What a busy time of the year! Kids are getting out school for the break, you or your family members may be travelling for Christmas and everyone is scrambling to get ready for New Year's Eve. Let me guess, your house is in turmoil, you still have last minute preparations to make and you are already concerned about the extra few pounds you might add with all of the delicious treats over the next couple of weeks.  So... should we add "listing your home" or "looking at... [read more]

Winter Home Selling / Buying

Monday Dec 10th, 2018

Winter Home

We have all heard it. Best of intentions, but perhaps not the best advice. “Don’t list in the winter!” “Your home will just sit on the market until the spring. “It will never sell” and “nobody looks for homes in the cold weather!” Right? Not so quick… There can be advantages to listing AND advantages to buying in the winter. Here are a few things to consider: Sellers: It is true You WILL attract fewer showings. There are not as... [read more]

The Best Time is the Right Time

Wednesday Nov 14th, 2018

CARE - ChristineAndrewRealEstate

So when really, is the best time of the year to consider a move? A common question that amounts to a simply complex answer. My approach is to find out the specific needs of the client. What are the driving factors in the decision to buy or sell right now? Is it for financial reasons? School year? Job relocation or for a unique situation that the market is presenting a resolution for? The truth is - there is always a market. While supply (inventory) may be higher in the spring, so too is... [read more]

The Truth About Realtors (Commission)

Wednesday Oct 31st, 2018

andrew hertel

The formula for extreme wealth and success is really quite simple: Sit back, grab a coffee and wait for a client to call or walk into the office + fill out some paperwork = $10,000’s in commission all in a day’s work! Do this every day and you're all set. Except, it doesn’t quite work that way. Commission is always a hot topic of conversation. It is true that some agents and / or brokers make good money. In some cases, REALLY good money. But truthfully, that... [read more]

Run and Play

Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2018

Just did 7.6km

I think about how running (okay, jogging or maybe walking briskly) serves as a script for success as a realtor. While out jogging recently and enjoying a new playlist, I could help but think about how the selection of songs and their order translated to my progress along the way. The more upbeat songs encourage enthusiastic bursts of energy while the more moderately tempoed selections translate to a more restful pace. The combination of the varied tracks create small victories throughout the... [read more]

Price Matters

Friday Oct 05th, 2018


This is a topic that I have really developed a great deal of passion about and wanted to share some thoughts with you on how the market perceives real estate pricing. A question often posed by curious neighbours is; Why is it that some of the homes in the area go from; Coming soon, to For Sale, to Open House, to SOLD! much more quickly than others on the same street or just around the corner? Some of the houses in the community seem to have that For Sale sign affixed... [read more]


Friday Sep 28th, 2018

Making Dreams a Realty

Your relationship with your realtor is exactly that – it is a relationship. When you strip it down, it is just like any other relationship. To thrive it requires work, commitment and mutual trust. For mutually beneficial results, relationships have to be cultivated and developed over time. Relationships will have some turbulence. When managed correctly this results in growth. This is what actually makes them strong and gives them the endurance they need to result in success. The key to... [read more]

Running the Business

Monday Sep 24th, 2018

Run Complete

Running seesms to give me the chance to think about ways to better manage my business and helps me to find ways to stay in tune with what is going on in the Real Estate market. There is a strange sense of being completely separated from the world while at the same time having a chance to see it in close proximity. I'll call this solitary inclusion. It's like being alone while surrounded by others.  I often times set out with a pretty defined plan. To run "x"... [read more]

Realtors Run...

Monday Sep 17th, 2018


There is so much information available today about every topic under the sun. Including real estate and every possible angle and aspect associated with it. I thought for this (ongoing) blog, I’d try to incorporate some of life’s many other passions and draw some connection to how they relate to real estate. I’ll try to keep this light, entertaining and hopefully – engaging. If you have anything, you’d like to see added, please leave a comment. I’ll do my best... [read more]